Development of Climbing Robot

Climbing robots could access different extreme environments, such as uneven terrain of disaster sites or steep cliffs on extraterrestrial bodies. Climbing robots require a reliable gripper capable of grasping the natural rocky terrain.

This project focuses on the hardware and software development of a lightweight climbing robot, integrating various sensors and actuators using ROS. The aim is to achieve autonomous climbing locomotion, sensing the terrain and detecting potential graspable points, and moving the limbs accurately to the desired locations.

Last update: 2023-May-19

Related Publications

International Conference

HubRobo: A Lightweight Multi-Limbed Climbing Robot for Exploration in Challenging Terrain

Kentaro Uno, Naomasa Takada, Taku Okawara, Keigo Haji, Arthur Candalot, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, Kenji Nagaoka, Kazuya Yoshida

Proceedings of the IEEE-RAS 20th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids), Munich, Germany. 2021.

DOI: 10.1109/HUMANOIDS47582.2021.9555799


Domestic Conference

HubRobo: A Limbed Robot for Cliff-Climbing Exploration (HubRobo: 崖登り探査を可能とする脚型ロボットの研究開発)

Kentaro Uno, Kazuya Yoshida, Taku Okawara, Naomasa Takada, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, Keigo Haji

65th Symposium of Space Science and Technology, 3K18. Yamagata, Japan. 2021.

Award: Young Encouragement Award (若手奨励賞)