Gait and Path Planning of Climbing Robots

Unlike wheeled robots or even regular walking robots, climbing-type robots require planning the path over sparsely distributed graspable points.

Planning the gait of the robot is also important to define the walking patterns, defining the sequence of the moving limbs, and the positions to grasp.

This project focuses on developing the path and gait planning over natural terrain with discrete graspable points, improving overall stability.

Last update: 2023-Oct-20

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Domestic Conference


Muku Yamaguchi, Kentaro Uno, Masazumi Imai, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, Koki Kurihara, Kazuya Yoshida

41st annual conference of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), AC2D2-01. Sendai, Japan. 2023. 

International Conference

Path and gait planning of limbed climbing robots for planetary cliff exploration

Keigo Haji, Kentaro Uno, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, Kazuya Yoshida

Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS), Beppu, Japan. 2022. 

International Conference

Non-periodic gait planning based on salient region detection for a planetary cave exploration robot

Kentaro Uno, Yusuke Koizumi, Keigo Haji, Maximilian Keiff, Simon Harms, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, William Jones, Kenji Nagaoka, Kazuya Yoshida

Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (iSAIRAS), Virtual Conference. 2020.

International Conference

Gait planning for a free-climbing robot based on tumble stability

Kentaro Uno, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, William Jones, Yuki Shirai, Hayato Minote, Kenji Nagaoka, Kazuya Yoshida

Proceedings of the IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII), Paris, France. 2019.

DOI: 10.1109/SII.2019.8700455

Domestic Conference

Proposal of Gait Planning Technique for a Free-Climbing Robot Considering Tumble Stability (フリークライミングロボットのための歩容計画法の提案)

Kentaro Uno, Warley F. R. Ribeiro, Yuki Shirai, Kenji Nagaoka, Kazuya Yoshida

19th SICE System Integration Division Symposium (SI), 2B3-11 . Osaka, Japan. 2018.